When you have gone to the extent to either create it yourself or contracted a specialised interior designer to design your child’s space, do it justice and have it professionally photographed including your child playing in their space … You will be glad you did!

It was super fun catching up with the lovely Katie of Katie Bossong Interiors  in late 2015 to capture her newest creation, little Harry, in his groovy styled nursery. Early in 2015 I first met Katie to photograph her daughter Chloe’s beautifully styled bedroom for Little One Magazine and in between that first shoot and Harry’s arrival, Chloe moved up to her big girls bed so we just had to include updating her bedroom portraits too. The original blog post for Little One Magazine can be viewed here – www.laughingfeather.com.au/little-one-magazine

Katie Bossong specialises in Residential Interiors as well as interior design for Children’s spaces in Perth, Western Australia. See the photos for yourself on her website and I’m sure you will agree Katie certainly has the creative eye for interior design!

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Photographing on location at a client’s home requires thinking outside the square when faced with an environment that is not familiar. A home that is a warehouse is certainly unique! While I do bring a collection of my own props to utilise in the photographs, seeing the possibilities within the client’s home creates special portraits that is truly unique to that client.

Please note – carefully composited images were used to create the motorbike portrait. Safety IS number one priority! This portrait was requested by the client.

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10 Families with a combined total of 27 Children = a big day in the studio! I can tell you, myself and my assistant slept well that night!

A selection of my favourite portraits from each family is showcased below. Did you miss out on the Mini Studio Session and would like to be informed of the next one?

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With the move to Australia 3 years ago and after the birth of her first bub, Lylah, Nadine was inspired to continue her vision of a business in fashion after owning a ladies wear business in South Africa. A strong bond with Lylah gave Nadine the inspiration to grow another business called ‘Lylah With Love’, specialising in Mummy and Me clothing.

Teaming up with other Perth small businesses saw the fruition of a photo shoot to help showcase the clothing for the launch of the ‘Lylah With Love‘ website.

A huge thank you to all the businesses involved who loaned their products and services to add that extra special touch to the photo shoot. Xxx

Tutus : Mini Diva Tutus

Headbands: Madison Grace Designs

Balloon: Ruby Rabbit

Hair and Makeup: Vanitemua

Models: Nadine and Lylah AKA Lylah With Love

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No Mum! I don’t want to sit in this beautiful chair! Can’t you see I am learning how to walk! A little bit too cute!

I recently completed a short course in Upholstery and with the help of my partner for the design concept and the expertise and guidance of our lecturer (John Hall – Chairman Upholstery in O’Connor) this is the outcome of what we call ‘The Throne’.

I LOVE IT ….. even though this little one had no interest in sitting in the Throne!

Lilah was helping me test out my new prop ready for this year’s Mini Studio Session coming soon. Want to know more about the Mini Studio Session?

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Lilah is wearing a beautiful pink tulle tutu handmade by Mini Diva Tutus which will be available to use on the day.

Girl Toddler in Pink Tutu

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