Have you heard of Eva Glo Natural Soy Body Candles? You have now!

Handcrafted in Perth, Western Australia, they are more than just candles! Infused with Organic Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter the candles can be used as a perfume balm or a body massage oil or moisturiser.

Cherie recently became the new owner of Eva Glo and requested my services to update and refresh the product photography for the website. A selection of the results can be see below.

Personally see and smell the candles to find your favourite to purchase at the Perth Upmarket this September Sunday 13th. Mine is definitely the Coconut and Lime ….Mmmmmm!!

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Not so tiny any more! One year ago little Nate as a newborn, easily curled up inside his Dad’s Fireman Helmet and Pants. A follow up session one year later, Nate wore his own special Fireman’s outfit for the occasion 🙂

Nate was certainly on the move wanting to explore his unfamiliar surroundings! It took a bit of trialling to see what would make him sit still long enough for the shots we wanted …. As it turns out Nate loves clapping!!!

In fact he loved clapping so much it was super fast with a super big cheesy grin you couldn’t see his eyes! Hee hee I really had to time it well to get the shot 🙂

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  • Geoff N Cathy Armstrong - July 12, 2015 - 8:35 AM

    Wow! You have done uan amazing job, made easier by having such a terrific subject … A super cute baby who has grown into the most gorgeous little man with such a great smile.

  • cathy armstrong - July 12, 2015 - 4:28 PM

    He was a super cute baby and is now a gorgeous little man. His smile melts my heart … every time!

Entering into competition awards is somewhat daunting!  Yesterday was my first time ever to enter into a photographic competition where I can now announce ‘I am an AIPP award winning photographer’ Yay! The portrait below achieved a score 0f 86 meaning a Silver Award with Distinction!

What’s even more impressive is my client has this portrait of their baby as a 16×24″ Wall Portrait displayed in their home immediately ahead as you enter through the front door of their home!

Incentive to keep creating and photographing – Yes!

Incentive to enter more – Yes!

Incentive to work even harder for my clients – Absolutely a YES!!

WA AIPP Award image Silver Distinction

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  • Melisa Erak - June 26, 2015 - 4:08 PM

    This is beautiful Helen, art! Congratulations well deserved!

  • Janet Anderson - June 27, 2015 - 4:29 AM

    Congratulations Helen. How lucky am I to have seen you in action. That winning photo is beautiful

Two and a half years ago I met and photographed little Willow at her home here in Perth. Because I photograph at client homes I am given the unique opportunity to utilise the clients own props and decor that which may never have been considered as something that could be perfect in a portrait. I was immediately drawn to their African inspired nursery featuring an unusual zebra skin mat. Ohhhhh!!! Perfect!

The outcome is pictured below where the portrait is now a framed feature piece in their home. Two and a half years later I was invited to capture a similar portrait for Willow’s new little sibling brother. This new portrait is now on it’s way to be framed too!

baby girl on Zebra skin mat baby boy on Zebra Skin Mat

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A portrait that was meant to be just a test shot!

This portrait was originally intended to be just the Father’s hands holding his little girl. The Mother’s hands were there for support and safety until she took them away quickly to enable the shot to be captured without her hands.

Now it’s a portrait I feel conveys the unspoken message of ‘We will both support you for life’

baby supported by parents hands

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